Designed with Covid in mind

This event has been conceived amidst a global pandemic. It exists because of, not despite, the associated challenges and opportunities for the community.

Guest comfort and safety is paramount in everything we do, from booking process to check out…


In the event of local or regional health risks, [d]arc sessions will be automatically postponed until the following year. No wishful wait-and-see, virtual pivoting or speculative delays of a few months. We will simply push the event back 12 months until it is safe for us to meet in person again.

If a guest is not comfortable in attending (due to company policies, government guidelines or simply through personal choice) their bookings will be cancelled and fully refunded.



All [d]arc sessions destinations are selected on safety and comfort credentials, providing:

Abundant space within meeting, seminar and communal areas.

Outdoor areas allowing for safe networking.

The main programme of activities takes place within the resort and any external excursions are carefully managed.

A detailed document outlining the venue’s health and safety policies / protocols is available upon request.

Event Delivery

The [d]arc sessions App enables direct and agile communications throughout the event.

Allocated areas offer sufficient space for private and safe meetings.

Face-to-face meetings are deliberately kept short and to-the-point to identify mutual interest. Our programme then allows outdoor follow-up at leisure.

Symposia [d]arc sessions can be joined in person at a social distance, or virtually from your guest room.

Spacious communal networking spaces, outdoor wherever possible.

Meals can be enjoyed communally, in smaller groups or individually.

Evening social [d]arc sessions are relaxed and non-pressured for guests’ wellbeing.