[d]arc sessions is brought to you by [d]arc media, the publisher and events organiser behind leading brands arc and darc magazines, the [d]arc awards and [d]arc room.

It is organised and delivered in partnership with the hugely experienced HIX team.

Specifier enquiries

Paul James
Email: p.james@mondiale.co.uk

Matt Waring
Email: m.waring@mondiale.co.uk

Sarah Cullen
Email: s.cullen@mondiale.co.uk

Supplier enquiries

Architectural Lighting

Jason Pennington
Email: j.pennington@mondiale.co.uk

Andrew Bousfield
Email: a.bousfield@mondiale.co.uk

Decorative Lighting

Stephen Quiligotti
Email: s.quiligotti@mondiale.co.uk

Adam Syme
Email: a.syme@mondiale.co.uk


Moses Naeem
Email: m.naeem@mondiale.co.uk

Event management / Operational Enquiries

Andy Stuart
Email: andrew@hixevent.com

Joel Butler
Email: joel@hixevent.com

Luke Collings
Email: luke@hixevent.com